Christmas Debate Poem by Lotta Scheffel

On a Monday night
At seven not eight
We met in the Zeighaus
To have a debate

And lovely it was
The topic: Harry Potter
Should we legalize his magic?
We spoke without a stutter

„The risk, the risk“, Mr. Kruse said
And Ms. Heinrichs continued: „Magic is bad.“
Then Mr. Schuster, he seemed very sure
„We don´t need Gandalf´s magic, not anymore“

And Touali replied: „What about the kids“
„And poor Arthur Weasley, he´s unhappy, yes“,
Said Lotta, right before Pauline grabbed the mic:
„come on everybody, let´s eat, it´s almost christmas!"

So that´s what we did
We talked and we ate
We ate and we talked
And the day started to fade





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