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Online Meeting der 9g mit der Sosolya Ungudu Dance Academy


First contact with our partners from Sosolya, a cultural centre in Uganda


On Wednesday the 10th November we, the 9G from the GSB, had a zoom conference with the people from Uganda. For the call we prepared a dance to show them. Not everyone participated. The Sosolyas seemed to like the dance even though it wasn’t a masterpiece.

The zoom call was really fun and we learned a lot about the Sosolyas – for example how many languages they can speak.

They also told us how old they are. Someone asked what they do for the climate and they said that they planted a lot of trees (30 000 last June for instance) which was quite impressive. At the end, we agreed to make a Padlet so we could keep in touch and have another zoom meeting with everyone joining from home. We all thought it was fun talking with the Sosolyas and that they were really nice to us.


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